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A mesmerizing ensemble crafted from pure raw silk. Adorned with delicate fabric detailing at the daman, 'Chloe' exudes elegance at every turn. Paired with a breathtaking dupatta featuring intricate thread cutwork and zardozi embroidery, along with plazzo pants. Elevate your style with Chloe and make every moment unforgettable.
The shirt length is 49-50 Inches.

Rs 37,000


'Ebony' – an epitome of timeless elegance and sophistication. This black cotton net long flowy jacket exudes grace, adorned with intricate handwork on the neckline, both front and back. Paired effortlessly with chic bell bottoms, Ebony is a statement of refined style and understated glamour. Embrace the allure of Ebony to make a lasting impression.
The shirt length is 52-55 Inches.

Rs 45,000


Crafted from luxurious green ombré pure raw silk, 'Sheen' captivates with its subtle yet mesmerizing design. Paired flawlessly with sleek azar pants and a silk dupatta, adorned with intricate details at the corners, elevating its allure to new heights. Step into the spotlight with Sheen and shine bright with every stride.
The shirt length is 48-50 Inches.

Rs 36,500


'Aurora' – a radiant embodiment of elegance and grace. Drenched in hues of fuchsia pink and purple, and adorned with exquisite fabric detailing along the daman. Paired with a breathtaking organza dupatta featuring a harmonious blend of thread and handwork, and complemented by chic bell bottom pants.
The shirt length is 38 Inches.

Rs 30,000


'ZOE' – a fusion of contemporary allure and artisanal craftsmanship. The black digital print kaftan is elevated with exquisite handwork adorning the neckline, while intricate fabric detailing on the neckline and daman add an extra layer of allure. Indulge in the essence of modernity with ZOE.
The shirt length is 55-60 Inches.

Rs 23,500


'Selene' – a vision of royal sophistication and exquisite detail. With handcrafted accents on its neckline and delicate organza and lace detailing along the spray daman, this Royal Blue digital print kaftan embodies grace and luxury.
The shirt length is 55-60 Inches.

Rs 28,000


Embrace the allure of 'Reha', dressed in mahroon with intricate black embroidery on both shirt and dupatta, epitomizing elegance with every detail.
The shirt length is 48-50 Inches.

Rs 37,500


'Hera', adorned in dark blue anrakha style attire featuring exquisite dull silver hand embroidery and delicate fabric detailing, paired with a luxurious silk dupatta.
The shirt length is 49-52 Inches.

Rs 37,500


Captivate in 'Syrena' – a dark blue cape style masterpiece adorned with intricate handwork motifs, exuding elegance and charm with every sway.
The shirt length is 49-50 Inches.

Rs 37,000


Elegance meets intricacy with this sea green ensemble adorned with exquisite embroided cutwork on the neckline and daman, beautifully complemented by the soft shimmer of Korean raw silk. Complete your look with the ethereal touch of organza dupatta.
The shirt length is 45-50 Inches.

Rs 28,500


Adorned with exquisite thread cutwork embroidery on the neckline and daman, 'Calla' exudes a delicate charm. Crafted with Grip shirt and paired elegantly with Korean raw silk pants, finished with a graceful touch of Cotton Net dupatta. Embrace the warmth of summer in style.
The shirt length is 45-50 Inches.

Rs 29,500


Radiate ethereal charm in Wisteria's embroidered cotton net frock. Delicately adorned with lilac-shaded embroidery and intricate fabric detailing, this masterpiece exudes grace at every turn. Embrace the elegance of handcrafted luxury with 'Wisteria'.
The shirt length is 50-55 Inches.

Rs 38,500

Lilac Haze

From the intricate handwork adorning the neckline to the luxurious textures of Grip shirt and Pk Raw Silk pant, topped with the ethereal touch of Organza dupatta. Indulge in the charm of Liac Digital print, embellished with dainty dapka, pearls, and intricate cutwork. Step into a realm of sophistication and grace.
The shirt length is 45-58 Inches.

Rs 34,500

Lilac Bloom

'Lilac Bloom' stuns in exquisite attire crafted from Korean Raw Silk, complemented by intricate handwork and delicate thread embroidery. Radiating sophistication with its solid lilac hue, this ensemble exudes timeless charm.
The shirt length is 45-50 Inches.

Rs 39,000


Elevate your elegance with 'Eclat' - a mesmerizing Light Yellow ensemble that effortlessly blends tradition with contemporary flair. Adorned with intricate handwork on the front bodice and paired harmoniously with a crush sharara embellished with delicate gota lace. The Silk dupatta adds a touch of luxury with its exquisite fabric detailing on all sides. Embrace sophistication and style with this stunning outfit.
The shirt length is 52-58 Inches.

Rs 38,500

Pristine Pearl

Step into enchanting elegance with the Pristine Pearl Kaftan, adorned in mesmerizing Lilac Pink hues. Handcrafted intricacies and delicate digital prints converge, elevating your style with grace and sophistication.
The shirt length is 50-60 Inches.

Rs 29,500


This exquisite off-white shirt, adorned with delicate light blue embroidery on the front, back, and sleeves, exudes sophistication and charm. Paired with a crush sharara and a beautifully embroidered organza dupatta, this ensemble is crafted from luxurious materials including Korean Raw Silk for the shirt, PK Raw Silk for the sharara, and Organza for the dupatta. Embrace timeless beauty and grace with 'Astro'.
The shirt length is 35-40 Inches.

Rs 28,000


Indulge in the celestial allure of 'Azure'. Enveloped in a dreamy light blue hue, this cotton net ensemble features ethereal off-white appliqué and enchanting embroidery. With Korean raw silk pants and a matching dupatta in tow, it's your ticket to timeless elegance and undeniable charm.
The shirt length is 45-50 Inches.

Rs 26,000

Rose Dust

Indulge in the epitome of grace and charm with our 'Rose Dust' gown. This stunning pink shaded long dress is crafted from high-quality grip fabric, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious fit. The bodice features intricate fabric detailing, adding a touch of elegance to the ensemble. Adorned with exquisite cutwork embroidery on the front side slits, this gown exudes sophistication and refinement. This matching scarf completes the look and makes it perfect for any special occasion.
The shirt length is 55-60 Inches.

Rs 39,500